Music Videos

Sweet Irene

This is the official music video for the song “Sweet Irene” by Kim Bingham.
Directed by Jolyon White

The original concept was to produce a music video using only Instagram Filters. The story of the video developed into a science-fiction tale including a battle scene and victory dance.

The video was produced during the COVID-19 coronavirus lockdown of summer 2020 in a long-distance digital collaboration between Kim Bingham and video director Jolyon White.

The track “Sweet Irene” originally appeared on Kim’s album “UP!”.

Party Girl

Finally! The video for my French song “Party Girl”!! The video is both a forlorn love story and a labour of love, shot in Cologne, Germany and directed by the amazingly talented Seigfried Bacher. This production’s an international collaboration featuring the cutting-edge clothing of Düsseldorf-based designer Marion Strehlow, the avant-garde hairstyling of the wonderful Italian Denis Cinel, and the inventive choreography of Vanessa Le Mat.. Does this Party Girl have a happy ending? Watch the video and see…


Official music video, stop-motion clip directed by Guillaume Blanchet for Kim Bingham’s song “UP!”

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then you are about to read a 49,000-page story. In less than 4 minutes.

Video credits:
Post by Minh Tran
SFX by Francois Bélanger & PH Rondeau at Sonart.

UP! (Version Francaise)

Un vidéo statique pour la chanson “UP! (Version francaise)”.

Bel Ami

Official music video for the song “Bel Ami” by Kim Bingham, from Kim Bingham’s album “UP!”.

Directed by Simon Edouard Pilon.
Dancer: Benjamin Kamino
Choreography: Tony Chong
Editing: Evan Boudreau-Soucy.

What A Drag (The Kim Band)

Official music video for “What A Drag!” by The Kim Band
Directed by Margaret Malandruccolo

Girlology (The Kim Band)

Official music video for the song “Girlology” by The Kim Band a/k/a Kim Bingham.
Director: Harv

Valentine's Day (The Kim Band)

Official music video for the song “Valentine’s Day” by The Kim Band a/k/a Kim Bingham, from The Kim Band album “Girlology”.

Coeur de sable

Vidéoclip pour la chanson “Coeur de sable” de Kim Bingham.
Video for the song “Coeur de Sable” by Kim Bingham.
Réalisateur/director: Chris Grismer

This Day (Mudgirl)

Official music video for the song “This Day” by Mudgirl a/k/a Kim Bingham, from Mudgirl’s EP “First Book”.

Adjusted (Mudgirl)

Official music video for the song “Adjusted” by Mudgirl from the EP “First Book”

Directed by Lisa Mann.

Contact (Mudgirl)

Official music video for the song “Contact” by Mudgirl, fom Mudgirl’s EP “First Book”.


Spotlight (Live at Mattorosso)

Live videoclip of Kim Bingham performing at Mattorosso, in Montebelluna, Italy, 11.04.14.
Videoclip direced by Alberto Rigoni.

Song performed: “Spotlight”, with introductions of musicians
Alberto Rigoni (bass)
Steve Silenzi (guitar)
Denis Novello (drums).


Extraits du concert de Kim Bingham au Centre culturel canadien le vendredi 8 mars 2013.

Kim Bingham présente les titres de son excellent album UP! en version acoustique, accompagnée de ses musiciens : Vincent Fournier (guitare, choeur), Idriss El Mehdi (claviers, choeur) et Guilhem Séguin (cajon).

Crédits : Open up Studio


Excerpts from the concert of Kim Bingham at the Canadian cultural centre in Paris on March, 8, 2013.

Kim Bingham plays acoustic versions of the songs on her excellent album, UP!, accompanied by her musicians : Vincent Fournier (guitar, chorus), Idriss El Mehdi (keyboard, chorus) and Guilhem Séguin (cajon).

Credits: Open up Studio

Where Is My Mind?

Live performance by Kim Bingham of The Pixies’ song “Where Is My Mind” at O Patro Vys, Montreal, Canada, 28/07/2012.
Directed by Mélanie Ladouceur

Studio version available on “Les Invincibles” soundtrack.

Kim Bingham – vocals, guitar
Serge Capistran – guitar
Sheenah Ko – keyboards
P.O. Rioux – bass
Lydia Champagne – drums
Christiane Charbonneau – saxophone
Camille Gendreau – trumpet

Sound engineer: Simon Lévesque


Micro Biography featuring Kim Bingham

Micro Biography starring Sir Ali Hassan, episode one, featuring Kim Bingham. A quick look at the career and home of Canadian rocker Kim Bingham. With special guests: Mike Paterson and Massimo. Directed by Amir Rizk.

Kim Speaks UP!

Kim Bingham talks about her new album.

Kim parle d'UP!

Une entrevue avec Kim Bingham à propos de son album “UP!”, incluant des performances acoustiques des chansons “Up!, “Get Lucky” et “Party Girl”. Réalisé par Simon Edouard Pilon.