Kim Bingham is a Canadian singer-songwriter, guitarist, vocalist, and composer also known as Mudgirl and The Kim Band; she is also known for collaborations with Nelly Furtado, Bran Van 3000 and David Usher. Kim is out now with a sampler EP of her songs and a new video for the song "Sweet Irene”.

Me Mom & Morgentaler

Bingham began her career in music as a member of the Montreal, Quebec third-wave ska band Me Mom and Morgentaler, formed in 1990. The band became known for elaborate live performances, spectacles of vaudevillian-styled performance art. With the band, Kim recorded three works: "Clown Heaven and Hell" EP (1991), "Shiva Space Machine" (1993) and Live "We Are Revolting: Live & Obscure 1990-1994 (1994).

Mudgirl 1994-1999

In 1994 Bingham left Me Mom & Morgentaler and moved to Vancouver where she formed the solo project Mudgirl. Her moniker Mudgirl was chosen based on "the title of a short story she wrote about a waif made of mud," intended for children. She stated, "Mudgirl is an extension of myself where I get to be cartoony and a bit surreal." In 1996 Kim released her debut five-song EP "First Book" which included three radio hits "This Day”, “Adjusted” and “Contact”.

The Kim Band 1999-2006

After 5 years as a Mudgirl, Kim realized that, as the driving force behind her musical project, she could put her name out front and decided to change the name of her collective to "The Kim Band". Under this moniker, Kim released the successful album "Girlology" (2001) produced by Steven Drake (The Odds, The Tragically Hip). The album's concept, "stemmed from Bingham's work on a website devoted to the mind-boggling science of trying to figure out girls." and features more the radio singles “What A Drag”, “Valentine’s Day” and “Quel Dommage”, her French version of “What A Drag” that reached No.1 on French-Canadian radio charts.

Collaborations with David Usher, Nelly Furtado and Bran Van 3000.

From 2001 until 2003, Bingham worked with Canadian singer David Usher as a guitarist and backing vocalist. “Black Black Heart” is a song written by Usher and Jeff Pearce and for which the operatic female vocal is provided by Bingham, while the chorus samples The Flower Duet (Sous le dôme épais), a famous duet for sopranos from Léo Delibes' opera Lakmé, as a hook. "Black Black Heart" won two MuchMusic Video Awards for Best Post-Production and Best Pop Video in 2002. In 2003 and early 2004, Kim Bingham toured Europe and the U.S. with pop singer Nelly Furtado as a guitarist and backing vocalist in Furtado's band. Bingham collaborated, also, with Bran Van 3000 and is featured on the albums "Rosé" and "The Garden”. Kim also toured in Canada as part of Bran Van 3000, including a concert as the main act in front of 140,000 spectators at the Montreal Jazz Festival in 2008.

Les Invincibles 2005-2009

From 2005 to 2009, Kim Bingham composed the soundtrack for the TV trilogy "Les Invincibles" with three seasons on the original Canadian TV production (broadcast on Radio Canada) and two seasons on the reprised European verions, a Franco-Belgian-German production (broadcast on Arte). In 2007, Kim’s original music for the Canadian series was nominated as Best Original Score at the Prix Gémeaux television award; Kim won the Best Theme Song award with the theme song "The Heroes Take”, shared with co-writer and show creator Jean-Francois Rivard. Also in 2007, at the request of fans of the Canadian TV show, Kim Bingham performed and produced the soundtrack album "Les Invincibles” with the support of major label Warner Music Canada. In 2007, Kim released the French-language mini-album “Intermede”in collaboration with Canadian label Musik 2 Musik. “Intermede” was Kim’s first release with her name as the artist, and it is Kim’s only fully French-language release to date.

UP! and single releases 2010-2020

Her next work, the full-length album “UP!", was recorded in Los Angeles with co-producer John Kastner (Doughboys, All Systems Go) and with members of super bands such as Queens Of the Stone Age, Jellyfish, Blind Melon and Masters of Reality over the summer of 2010. The album was released in May 2012 under Kim’s longstanding indie label Mudgirl Music Group, with distribution by Distribution Select across Canada. The stop-motion animation video for the album single "Up!" won the Best Video award at the 2013 edition of the Independent Music Awards USA. The French version of the song “UP!’ and the sole French single on the album, a song called “Party Girl”, were once again radio hits for Kim in French-speaking parts of Canada. In January 2019, the song "Bel Ami" from Kim’s album “UP!” was chosen as the theme song for the US TV series “Good Trouble”. In summer 2019, Kim released her first single performed in both English and Italian, the upbeat pop song “Beppe Green”. In December 2019, “Beppe Green” garnered the #5 position of the Top 100 Songs of the year from Bombshell Radio. In fall 2020, after an unexpected break in content creation and release due to international lockdowns and COVID-19, Kim is back with the release of a new video for the song “Sweet Irene’.