Kim Bingham – “UP!”

Official music video, stop-motion clip directed by Guillaume Blanchet for Kim Bingham’s song “UP!” If a picture is worth a thousand words, then you are about to read a 49,000-page story. In less than 4 minutes. Video credits: Post by Minh Tran SFX by Francois Bélanger & PH Rondeau at Sonart. UP!  For Heaven’s sake stop climbing […]

Kim Bingham – “Bel Ami”

Official music video for the song “Bel Ami” by Kim Bingham, from Kim Bingham’s album “UP!”. Directed by Simon Edouard Pilon. Dancer: Benjamin Kamino Choreography: Tony Chong Editing: Evan Boudreau-Soucy. BEL AMI There’s a war Going on inside your head And it’s got you feeling so bad That you don’t know what to do You […]