Kim Bingham – “UP!”

Kim’s latest album “UP!”, a collection of self-penned, upbeat pop-rock tunes was recorded with producer John Kastner (Doughboys, All Systems Go) and musicians from Queens Of The Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal, Jellyfish and Blind Melon, and mixed by Mathias Schneeberger (Joseph Arthur, Burning Brides, Twilight Singers). Additional production on songs “Party Girl” and “Up (Creature Remix)” were done with Creature and friends formerly of The Dears in Montreal.

The Kim Band – “Girlology”

The Kim Band’s “Girlology” is Kim Bingham’s follow-up to Mudgirl’s “First Book” EP, and her first full-length solo album. “Girlology” was produced by Steven Drake (The Tragically Hip, The Odds) and features the singles “What a Drag!”, “Valentine’s Day” and “Girlology”.

Mudgirl – “First Book”

  Mudgirl is Kim Bingham’s first solo release post-Me Mom & Morgentaler. “First Book” features the singles “This Day”, “Adjusted” and “Contact”. The EP was recorded in Vancouver, BC and was produced by Steven Drake (The Tragically Hip, 54-40, The Odds) and Kim Bingham.